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Astoria Ale Tour

Minimum 15 participants, maximum 30 participants


On your journey, your local guides knowledgeable history and the making of Astoria beers, will lead the way to your first destination. As the bus makes its way through town, sit back, relax and take in the stunning views of Columbia River right outside your window.


Fort George Brewery + Public House was established in 2007 and specialize in innovative and exciting flavors such as coffee stout or even wasabi-flavored ginger ale. During your visit, you might want to try "The Quick Wit" - Belgian style ale that's made with organic pale and wheat malts, ground coriander and lemongrass. Or you could sip any one of the seasonal fruit ales.


Then, you’re off to Rogue Ales. Occupying a former Bumble Bee tuna cannery, Rogue sits on Astoria River walk, a five-mile river trail that's lined with hotels, restaurants, parks and a nearly 100-year-old restored trolley train. Made with the finest hops and barley malt, Rogue Ales are bottled using an oxygen absorbing cap, and brown glass for better shelf life. Some of the barrel aged beers and ales you might want to try include "Chipotle Ale," which is deep golden ale that's made with roasted chipotle peppers and produces an eye opening chili flavor with a malty, smoky aroma and smooth, crisp flavor.


Your last stop is The Wet Dog, where a variety of beers are handcrafted using a wide range of hops and grains to create unique flavors. The pub's riverfront deck is open during the summer and offers a fantastic view of the Columbia River. Some of the beers you might try include "Strawberry Blonde," which attributes its light pink to golden opaque hue to the barley, wheat and 90 pounds of strawberries.


Cranberry Museum & Oysterville

Minimum 30 participants, 42 maximum participants

On your journey to your destination you will cross the Mighty Columbia River over the 4.1 mile Megler Bridge to reach the Washington State. We will then head north up the Long Beach Peninsula to the Pacific Coast Cranberry Museum, gift shop, and Washington State Research Center. The Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation was formed to purchase the Cranberry Research Station owned and operated by Washington State University. When WSU decided to close the Station in 1992, cranberry growers formed the Foundation and purchased the Station and 40 acres of farmland. WSU continues to support the personnel, while growers join together in farming the bogs. Cranberry farming in the SW corner of Washington State has a more than 100-year history. Here you will take a short walking tour of the bogs and learn about the stages of planting, growing, and harvesting of these tiny red berries. The cranberry is so important to the area, that a festival is named in its honor! The Native Americans would grind the berry along with the dried deer meat, and that became a sustainable meal during the long wet winter months. Today, it tells a different story...a success story!


The second venue you will visit according to legend, lore and history, the Long Beach Peninsula has long been unattainable, such as buffalo robes, beads, metal pots, and yes, even the treasured Obsidian. This tour takes you on a culinary and history trip from the past to the present. As you walk down the streets of yesteryear in the village of Oysterville, imagine this as a boom town. They had discovered "gold" but not the kind that is found in the ground... no, this "gold" comes from the sea in the form of OYSTERS!



Experience the leisure of a bygone era with a visit to the stately Flavel House. Now a museum, the house was built in 1885 for Capt. George Flavel, Astoria's first millionaire and one of its most prominent citizens. Today, this queen Anne-style home is a living tribute to the elegance of the Victorian period and the history of the Flavel family.


Your hour in half guided tour begins at the pier and travels along Astoria's tree-lined streets. As you approach the Flavel House, you'll be immediately struck by the park-like grounds that cover an entire city block; many of the trees that surround the home were planted by the Flavels over a century ago. This beautiful setting was also the site of many Hollywood movies including the 1980's hit The Goonies and Short Circuit.


One of the best-preserved examples of Queen Anne architecture in the Northwest, Flavel House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. On the outside, this stunning mansion boasts a decorative exterior, three-story octagon tower, impressive balconies and verandas. Inside, the approximately 11,600 square foot mansion features elegant woodwork, stained glass windows, and in-laid hardwood floors.


As you walk into the grand entry, it's like stepping back into the 19th century. The first floor features 14-foot high ceilings, a formal parlor, music room, library, dining room, conservatory, kitchen and a butler's pantry. Climb up the winding wooden staircase to the second floor and you'll see the main bathroom (with an enclosed tin-plated copper bathtub), five bedrooms and a sewing room. The attic floor features two bedrooms that were used by the family's servants. The three-story tower provided the Captain a panoramic view of Astoria and the Columbia River.


Throughout the house are elegant furnishings, art and decor typical of the Victorian age. Six unique fireplaces also grace the home and feature different imported tiles from around the world, elaborated hand-carved mantels and patterned fireboxes. After your tour, you're invited to sit and relax in the parlor over a cup of tea and taste scones. Later, you'll have the opportunity to visit the restored Carriage House Gift Shop and purchase a souvenir of your visit before returning to the pier.


Tea and Scones at the Flavel House Museum

Minimum 15 participants, maximum 25 participants


Panoramic Astoria

Minimum 20 participants, maximum 42 participants


Astoria was established in 1811 by the John Astor fur trading party, and became the first permanent U.S. settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. You will go back in time as you learn the history of Astoria on this panoramic introduction to the city. Your local guide will take you by historical locations. You will see the Liberty Theater where Clark Gable made is first stage appearance as well as the Doughboy Monument, historical houses and the first Victorian Mansion where Captain George Flavel once lived. Learn about the 1922 fire that nearly destroyed Astoria and the rebuilding to bring it back. Your guide will also tell you about the development of Astoria Uniontown, fishing, boarding houses and female boarding houses. Soon you will reach the Astoria Column, which now only decorated with beautiful art but also offers vies all the way to the Washington coast.

Fort Stevens "Behind the Scenes"

Minimum 15 participants, maximum 30 participants


Travel across Young’s Bay Bridge for the short journey to Fort Stevens State Park. Once you arrive a friendly and knowledgeable guide will take you on a tour of this incredible fort and share its fascinating history.


Built by the U.S. Army in the waning days of the Civil War it may seem odd that Oregon could have been the site of a battle or two. But the U.S. government was fearful that British would join the Confederates, so the fort was established to protect the North from a possible English invasion. And to protect it from land attack, the fort was surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge!


Although Fort Stevens did not see action in the Civil War, it did sustain an attack during World War II. On June 21, 1942, a Japanese submarine fired 17 shells on the gun emplacements at Battery Russell, making it the only U.S. fortification in the 48 states to be bombed by a foreign power since the War of 1812. No damage was incurred, however, and the Army didn't return fire. Shortly after World War II, the fort was deactivated and the armaments were removed.


Today, the gun batteries, fortifications and other buildings are preserved along with 3,700 acres of woodlands, lakes, wetlands and beaches.


Your guide will continue to lead you through the complex and its bunkers, abandoned gun batteries, and tower stations before heading up to the commander's station for a scenic view of the Columbia River. Then, you'll venture underground to the Battery Mishler. Here, during WWII, 10-inch cannons were mounted on disappearing carriages, which hid the guns behind concrete and earthen walls when not being fired. These powerful guns could fire 617-pound shells at a distance of nine miles.


The museum will be your last stop before heading back to pier. Enjoy browsing through the interesting artifacts that date back to the Civil War and stop in at the gift shop, which offers a variety of souvenirs commemorating your visit.


Fort Clatsop Hike

Minimum 20 participants maximum 30 participants



You will begin at Ft. Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark and the other members of the Corps of Discovery wintered in 1805-1806.  After exploring the fort, visitor center and gift shop, you will experience one of the same hikes the explorers did.  Our local guide will take you on a moderate hike through the forest, wetlands, and fields that members of the corp hiked to obtain salt and whale blubber from the sea. 4.2 miles/ some elevation.



Fort Stevens Bike Tour

Minimum 10 participants, maximum 20 participants


Fort Stevens was the primary military defense installation in the “three fort” Harbor Defense System at the mouth of the Columbia River – Forts Canby and Columbia on the Washington side were the other two. This Fort served for 84 years.


The Fort Stevens State Park of today contains an eight-mile network of paved, mostly level bike paths.  We peddle through indigenous forests, over a wooden bridge, and through flora and fauna.  Try to identify local mushrooms too.  Biking distance is approximately 5 miles.  This tour is designed for experienced, and active bikers.


Your guided bike tour focuses on the historical and geographical attractions of the nation’s largest State Park along the Columbia River.  This adventure includes Battery Russell – dating back to the early 20th century and the viewing station that provides great panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean & Cape Disappointment Light House along the Washington shoreline.  Another attraction visited is the wreck of the English ship, the Peter Iredale , that ran aground in 1906.  Afterwards enjoy some refreshments and a light snack. Come along on this relaxing bike tour of this Civil War era Fort - and don’t forget your camera!  If you require bikes other than men's, please inform us 7 days before arrival.



Historic Astoria & Ft. Clatsop

Minimum 20 participants, 42 maximum participants


After boarding your bus, you'll travel a short distance to the Astoria Column for a brief photo stop. Built in 1926, the 125-foot tall concrete and steel structure features a cast-iron 164 steps staircase that leads to an observation deck. If you decide to climb to the top, you'll be rewarded with majestic views of Astoria, the Pacific Ocean, and the snow-capped volcanoes of the Cascade Range. But views from the base are just as panoramic, the column stands atop Coxcomb Hill, Astoria's highest point.


Next, you'll climb back on the head towards Lewis and Clark National Historical Park for a tour of Fort Clatsop. Here, you'll take a step back in time to the cold and wet winter of 1805. The 50-ft by 50-ft structure is a replica of the seven-room fort built by members of the Lewis and Clark expedition after realizing their goal of reaching the Pacific. Named after the friendly local Indian tribe, Fort Clatsop would be the explorer's home for three months before returning home. Rangers and re-enactors are on hand to answers any questions.


Your next stop is the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Located on Astoria's historic waterfront, the museum features one of the most extensive collections of nautical artifacts on the west coast including the lightship, Columbia. Lightships served as floating lighthouses, providing a beacon for ships at sea when a beam from a traditional coastal lighthouse couldn't reach. (The Lightship Columbia tour is not recommended for individuals with mobility challenges due to steep access ladders and elevated thresholds.)


After your tour, you'll return to your ship via a scenic drive through Astoria. Nestled between the Columbia River and Young’s Bay, Astoria is the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies. Established as a fur trading post in 1811, today Astoria boasts a rich heritage of charm and natural beauty. Some of the sights you'll see included picturesque Victorian and Queen Anne style homes and churches; Uniontown, home of the men who worked at the Union Fish Cannery; and the "Doughboy" monument, dedicated to the soldiers from Astoria who gave their lives during World War I.

West Coast Museum & Lighthouse

Minimum 30 participants, maximum 42 participants


On your journey to your destination, your local guide will take you across the mighty Columbia River over the 4.1 mile Megler Bridge to reach the Washington State. We will then head to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center that overlooks the mouth of the Mighty Columbia River were it meets the majestic Pacific Ocean. Interpretive Specialists at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center will take you on a tour of the facility. The center covers information related to the Lewis & Clark Corp of Discovery's journey 1803 - 1806, as well as the graveyard of the Pacific Ocean and the United States Coast Guard duties for the Columbia River Bar. Here you will enjoy a great view of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. Due to safety requirements we are unable to enter the property.


Next you will visit the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in historic Ilwaco, Washington. Explore the cross roads of history where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. The Railroads that ran by the tide, cranberry, Model RR & Quilt displays as well as Life in a Coastal Fishing Village, Mariners, Explorers and Settlers and most important discovering the land of the canoe people. This museum also explores our fishing, logging, and cranberry harvests and other featured displays. While you are there take a short walk to Discovery Garden and Mariners Memorial Columbia River Estuary.


The last stop of your journey will be the World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame. The World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame is the only American Museum dedicated exclusively to the thrill, joy, art, and science and world history of kites. Besides its outstanding kite collections, the Museum has extensive archival materials. The American Kite Association has combined their archives with the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington. An active oral history program exists on cassettes and videos. Textbook companies and free lances writers are the biggest users. Long Beach's World Kite Museum is the definitive information source on kites internationally. A Washington State vacation is incomplete without a visit to the Long Beach Peninsula, home of the Washington State International Kite Festival, and the World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame. World Kite Museum is the only Kite Museum in North and South America.



Mount St. Helens

Minimum 30 participants, maximum 50 participants


On the morning of May 18, 1980, the 9,000 foot tall Mount St. Helens violently erupted and blew the top off of the mountain, hurled the volcanic ash 15 miles into the air and flattened 150 square miles of forest. Today, much of the blast zone is still grey ash and the jagged outline of the crater is clearly visible as a reminder of just how powerful Earth's forces can be.


This is all-day excursion offers a unique look into the science, beauty and brutal fury of the eruption and it's dramatic aftermath. You'll aboard your motor coach at the pier and travel 45 minutes along the Columbia River and to the Mount St. Helens National Monument. Your knowledgeable guide will be onboard to share with you the many distinguishing features of the landscape, as well as discuss the travels of Lewis & Clark. Around the top of the mountain you will see tremendous views of Mount St. Helens, including craters, lava dome, and blast zone. Box lunch served at the Forestry Learning Center.


Eco Tours of the Columbia River

Minimum 6 participants, maximum 12 participants


Travel beneath the beautiful Astoria Megler Bridge connecting Oregon and Washington via the Columbia River with our local guide. View Astoria's historic waterfront from the deck of the Christina Cousteau, a 40' Tollycraft Yacht with heated cabin and restroom facilities. Along the route we'll pass by Pier 39 (the restored Hawthorn Bumble Bee Seafood Cannery), the Coast Guard Station at Tongue Point and almost always encounter singing sea lions. Following many of the routes blazed by Lewis & Clark as they explored the Columbia River Estuary in 1805, we'll travel through Lewis & Clark Wildlife Refuge, offering breathtaking photo opportunities. Passing alongside the Twilight Creek Eagle Sanctuary we'll often have the opportunity to view Bald Eagles, Osprey, Great Blue Herons and Canadian Geese amongst the abundant species of waterfowl in the area. Navigating along the narrow channels we'll view a hand cranked railroad bridge together with floating homes and salmon nurseries. Adventuring back out into the main channel shipping lanes of the Columbia we'll view huge oceangoing ships up close and personal. We'll have had a great adventure, filled with memories.

Seafood and Wine Tasting

Minimum 20 participants, maximum 40 participants


Enjoy Oregon wines at The Cellar while you learn about senses and how to put them to use right away for enjoying and understanding Oregon wines.  Oregon’s northern latitude brings long hours of summer sunshine to its vineyards, usually adequate to fully ripen grapes for Oregon wine.  Occasional marine’s breezes breach the Coastal range, and help moderate the combination of these conditions encourages complex fruit flavors, aromatics and nuances in these – Oregon grown wines, complexities that allow Oregon wineries to compete well with other world-class wineries.  Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, and our delightful Pinot Noir are among our favorites.


Join Baked Alaska restaurant’s Chef Christopher Holen at the Oregon State University Seafood consumer center exhibition kitchen and immerse yourself in foods of the Pacific Northwest.  Chef Holen will filet fresh salmon while discussing the various salmon species of the region.  He will then demonstrate the proper way to cook salmon and make a quick sauce for accompaniment.  The chef always comes up with something special for each group in addition to salmon to truly define Northwest ingredients.  A sampling will be served up for all to try and you may even have the chance to get hands on.  Chef Holen will also bring along some of his secret ingredients and tools from Astoria’s premier kitchenware shop, “Mise en Place” kitchenware to demonstrate for the group.  Items will be available for purchase.   More than just a cooking demonstration, the chef will entertain, educate and inspire you to try a recipe or two when you get back home.


Seaside Sights and Sounds

Minimum 30 participants, maximum 42 participants


Come join our local guide and visit one of Oregon's enchanting coastal communities- Seaside is a family resort area where people have been coming to spend the summer months for decades. Seaside has much to offer for a day of fun and food at the beach. First you will visit the Seaside Aquarium where you will see and learn about the local sea life and feed the sea lions. Now you have some free time to spend as you like, have lunch, walk the boardwalk or the beach, play at the arcade, ride the bumper cars, shop for souvenirs or rent one of several styles of family pedal bikes or mopeds to cruise around the town. Next, you will visit McKeown’s- the perfect place to sit in a cozy European style cafe atmosphere and enjoy a "tasting" of NW wines. Along with an informative talk about the pre-chosen wines, you will enjoy the casual ambiance of McKeown's and kids can enjoy an authentic Italian soda! We hope you enjoy your day in the little town of Seaside Oregon.

Shot in Astoria

Minimum 10 participants, maximum 25 participants


It's not only tourists who fall in live with the city, its history and spectacular scenery, but also movie companies. Did you know that the town of Astoria has been featured in many of the most popular movies of the 80's and 90's? Join our local guides for a two-hour tour of the many locations with photo stops along the way.


After boarding your bus you'll travel first to the "Goonies" house. This charming Victoria-style home had a starring role as the home of the main characters in The Goonies, the 1985 comedy adventure starring Sean Astin and Josh Brolin. Further on is the Astoria Column on Coxcomb Hill, Astoria's highest point. Standing a majestic 125 feet high, the Column was used as the backdrop for Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IIIThe Goonies and Short Circuit.


Then, you'll continue through the town and travel past the Short Circuit house before stopping at the Astoria Riverwalk Inn. The hotel and the nearby Seafare Restaurant were used during the filming of Kindergarten Cop starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In addition to seeing a little bit of Hollywood history, the views here of the Columbia River and the Astoria-Megler Bridge are breathtaking.


Next, you'll head back towards the center of town and stop at the Flavel House Museum. Built in 1885, it's one of the best preserved examples of Queen Anne-style architecture in the Northwest and its exterior was seen in the movie The Goonies.


Your last stop before heading back to your ship is the old Clatsop County jail, used from 1914 to 1976. The jail is not only noted for being the longest-used, freestanding jail in Oregon but was also used in The Goonies, Come See the Paradise and Short Circuit movies.


Storm Enterprises provides demonstrations where you can actually shoot some of the most famous machine guns of the 20th century - from Sgt. Saunders' Thompson to Rambo's M60. We provide you with safe and unhurried, hands on experience with these historical weapons and take the time to make sure your questions are answered as well as providing the actual shooting experience. Enjoy some trigger time with our 10 gun package! This includes historical and famous weapons from World War 2, modern wars and others from your favorite movies and video games. Families are encouraged to join this "hands on" experience you will never forget.

Machine Gun Shooting Range

Minimum 10 participants, maximum 15 participants


Ultimate Coast Tour

Minimum 30 participants, maximum 45 participants


Your tour adventure begins at the pier, travels through Astoria and crosses Young Bay Bridge. Sit back and marvel at the impressive views of Saddle Mountain, one of Oregon's highest peaks; the city views of Astoria, and the Astoria Megler Bridge, noted as the longest bridge in Oregon and at almost four miles, it has a distinction of being the world's longest continuous truss bridge.


As your motor coach winds its way along the 110-mile section of the Pacific Coast Highway, you'll travel through the Oregon Coast Range. This lush mountain range of Sitka spruce, western red cedar, Douglas fir, and hemlock march down to the sea and its powder soft beaches. Along your journey, be on the lookout for wildlife such as elks, bears, rabbits, eagles and blue herons.


One of the first coastal villages you'll pass is Seaside. Popular for over a century, this charming resort offers boutiques, art galleries, miles of beach and not a single parking meter.


Continuing southward, you'll pass Cannon Beach, famous fort the natural phenomenon known as Haystack Rock. Composed of basalt, this 235 foot tall rock formation is the home to puffins, sea gulls cormorants.


As you get closer to Tillamook, you'll driver over Neahkahnie Mountain. Rising over 1,590 feet above sea level, legend has it that buried deep somewhere in the mountain is a lost treasure, hidden by Spanish sailors in the late 16th century.


Your first stop is the Tillamook Air Museum, which is housed in a rare World War II blimp hanger. Reaching over 15 stories high and stretching over seven acres, it's the world's largest wooden structure. Not only can you see 30 U.S. warplanes but actually climb into a jet stimulator, and explore the exhibit hall that features historical wartime and aviation artifacts. During your visit, you’ll have a buffet lunch and refreshment.


Your next destination is the legendary Tillamook Ice Creamery & Cheese Factory. Here, you can watch the cheese makers at work, enjoy a sample or two and indulge in ice cream and fudge.


Finally, you'll climb back on your motor coach for a quick visit to Cannon Beach. Emerce yourself in this quaint coastal town. Noted as a "photographers paradise". You have several options at your own leisure a quick stroll on the beach and shopping.



Willamette Valley Wine Tours


Minimum 30 participants, maximum 50 participants



The Willamette Valley is the Heart of Oregon Wine Country. As Oregon's leading wine region, the Valley has two-thirds of the state's wineries and vineyards and is home to more than 200 wineries and tasting rooms. It has been recognized as one of the premier Pinot Noir producing areas in the world. Willakenzie Estates produces Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris - elegant wines that clearly express the unique characteristics of Oregon. The vineyards is located in the rolling hills of the Yamhill - Carlton District and on the steep hillside of the Chehalis Mountains, both nestled in Oregon's verdant Willamette Valley. Willakenzie is a family owned estate. The tasting room hosts breathtaking views of vineyards and the Pacific Coast Range. Located in the very center of Oregon Pinot Noir country is the town of Carlton where our next venue is the Cielo Blue Restaurant. Cielo Blu is fortunate to be surrounded by such a wonderful tradition and appreciation in the wine industry. You will enjoy the local wine with dishes that pair nicely with the Oregon Pinot flavor. Traditional Italian pasta is included in your tour. After lunch guests are invited to walk around the quaint town of Carlton, taking in the local shops or discovering nearby wineries tasting rooms which are within walking distance.

Coastal Forest Zip Line

Minimum 6 participants, maximum 12 participants





Take in the beautiful natural setting, complete with seasoned timber, ponds and a seven acre private lake. Challenge a friend or a family member and race down on the Willow and Spruce line. Zip down the Maple line and take an optional dip in the lake. Our 8 line tour will leave you and your family with fond memories, and make you want to come back for more.



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